A statement of claims (maximum 2 pages) describing how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications would make you suitable for this role, giving consideration to the selection criteria. As a result of my collaborative and friendly leadership, staff were confident in my ability to lead them, and often came to me to communicate with upper management on their behalf, as well management relying on me to collaborate with them in regards to receptionist staff and their needs. I will develop the week’s timetable appropriately, taking into consideration any activities the students have to attend, allowing me to determine the relative importance of each task. Daily tasks were often team oriented, including service, preparation and post service jobs, which needed to be coordinated amongst staff to ensure everything was completed. For this criterion, it is best to provide a full scope of your experience rather than simply touching on examples. The structure, type of examples and language are all factors which need to be considered when completing your Statement Claims for Public Sector roles. Whilst completing my Diploma in Administration I was fortunate to enough to take an Internship at Elixir Wealth Advisory where I was an assistant to the Administration Officer. … Many roles in the public sector ask you to write responses to key selection criteria. Explore each instance of you experience by listing them and providing details of what you’ve done; really go into depth with any information that illustrates that you performed well. Selection criteria is more than just the desired skills an employer is looking for. When a recruiter is scanning your document and there are words that he or she believes to be relevant to the position, this will more than likely generate some interest – after all, it has been said that every advertised position gets on average 118 applications, so yours needs to stand out in the selection process to make it on the shortlist! Here are four simple steps for answering Selection Criteria: Step 1 – Understand what’s being requested Read through the Selection Criteria in detail and understand what each one is asking for. The SQL AND condition and OR condition can be combined to test for multiple conditions in a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement. How to write key selection criteria. As a general rule, try to be as concise as possible and at the maximum, write no more than one A4 page per criterion. Each competency includes a title, a general definition, and several measurable or observable performance statements. Know the difference between phrases such as ‘ability to’ (means having the skills), ‘knowledge of’ (familiarity gained from actual experience) and ‘understanding of’ (fully comprehend the matter). During this career I was dependent upon by many types of clients, to develop and change the travel itinerary to their needs and wants. Allow about 250-300 words for each answer, unless otherwise specified. Organisational skills are a key capability for working in any job in any field of work. This will make it easy for the receiver to identify your document from all the others that have also been submitted. When working at Smith and Son’s as a receptionist, I often had to demonstrate an ability to lead teams, as after working there for five years, I became one of the longest serving receptionists, which meant leading team meetings, organising staff events and coordinating a team of up to five receptionists at a time working on the floor. letter; 2 page statement; and resume, so in that case the statement needs to target the Selection Criteria directly. Regardless of how new an employee was or what level they were trained at, I treated every other staff member as equals, which helped forge professional associations and strengthened the team overall. If the application asks for further information, you can elaborate by exploring aspects like relevant subjects undertaken while completing the qualification. It is important to also teach them skills that will carry on throughout their schooling career such as organisation, socialisation and dedication. This a a real life example of an applicant who was selected above over 100 other applicants for interview for an administration role at a local high school based on her selection criteria. Every day had an activity to attend to as well as studying and attending to household activities in my own apartment. Including selectio… Despite being short notice the day’s meetings ran smoothly and the urgent session could be slotted in. Many well-written statements follow what is known as the STAR method of response: Situation, Task, Action, Result. Some keywords to consider are: ability: you can do it. By Monday morning I am aware of the students weekly progress, the tasks for the week and have set the weeks goals. What was your role in the situation and what were you required to accomplish? This involves helping people prepare their cases for mediation. It was continuously important in my 20s to manage my time appropriately in my day-to-day life and prioritise tasks based on their importance. Employers use key criteria to compare applicants on the same measures. The selection criteria component required the addressing of five criteria. Make sure that you use strong action words such as ‘demonstrated’, ‘reviewed’, ‘developed’, ‘initiated’ or ‘negotiated’ rather than less powerful words such as ‘involved in’ or ‘assisted’. As mentioned above, the key to responding to selection criteria well is to address all parts of the criterion, to include the keywords and give specific examples. Interpersonal skills refer to, basically, people skills. That week consisted of two university assignments to complete, a total of 4 shifts at Kmart, and an extra dancing practise as there was a competition that weekend. In the above example, they are looking for two skills: organisational and problem solving skills. Ability to analyse financial records to … Some government departments and agencies do not want any more than three paragraphs per criterion (or about 250 words); others do not have any limit. Also, avoid ambiguous and passive language to really make sure your writing is clear and delivers your point effectively. These subtle differences and the way you word your response could be what sets you apart from the other applicants. Start each answer on a new page. Immediately I noticed that sales increased as there was a smoother flow of productivity in the café and tasks become completed efficiently and at a higher standard than before. Whether you choose STAR or SAO, it is important that you show how you can meet each criterion. Selection Criteria Examples. Build the SC’s into your resume as much as you can - … Keep it short – you will go into further details and specific examples and relevant experience in the next step. Full excerpts of two of the criteria are outlined below. While at Johnny’s restaurant I worked in a large team every shift, and in hospitality, teamwork is crucial to provide smooth and efficient service. Some examples of selection criteria are: excellent research and analytical skills When it comes to naming documents, all your application documentation should have your name prominently displayed and it’s best to name the electronic documents with your name, not just ‘selection_criteria.doc’. selection criteria Once you have completed your statement of claims in relation to selection criteria, check over your responses and make sure there are no typographical errors and that the sentences read well. By having a consistent formatting style with fonts and font sizes, your application will present as a cohesive whole. Public Services Resumes Selection Criteria Writers specialise in writing Statement of Claims and Capability Statements for Government applications. Job selection criteria (or key selection criteria) tell you what knowledge, skills and experiences the employer is looking for. Six selection criteria required addressing; a statement of four pages in length addressing the criteria was developed. Without the use of the databases and applications, the Advisory wouldn’t have been able to know who the urgent client was before they met and would not have been prepared to act quickly. Selection Criteria Sample: Ability To Apply Academic Knowledge And Concepts To Practical Situations If you\'re applying for graduate positions in government departments and agencies, the selection criteria will often ask you to highlight how you\'ve taken academic learnings and applied them to real-world situations. The first thing you need to do is find out what the selection criteria are.

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